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Decades of expertise within reach

Northstar Geoscience Consultancy provides expert geologic and geophysical consulting for prospect and acquisition evaluation, as well as operational and developmental geoscience services.  We have a core team of seasoned geologists and geophysicists that are available to review existing acreage, properties and assets and work in most of the current software to facilitate work on a client’s data and also to easily port our work into a client’s systems.


When moving into a new area of interest, whether in a province where your organization already has experience, or an area that may be frontier to you, Northstar can assist in identification and focusing areas of interest.  Our staff has modeled multiple North American basins and can either support/supplement your existing exploration team, or work independently to evaluate frontier areas that may be of interest.


When considering an investment or prioritizing opportunities, we provide ready access to seasoned professionals working with appropriate tools to integrate log and seismic data as well as direct measurement from cuttings and core.  Northstar can provide an objective view of opportunities that lie before you, and can illustrate additional value that may have been overlooked.   



Whether you are initiating a development drilling program, fine tuning a “manufacturing” operation or considering secondary recovery, Northstar can help to target drilling intervals, advise on spacing and focus completions.  

  • Time is of the essence – the cost of a position in a new play can escalate by a factor of ten in a matter of months.  We can support your existing staff that may be trying to manage operational responsibilities so new opportunities do not slip away.

  • Ramp up and down quickly.  Northstar has the personnel you need.  We can work in your office if desired for greater integration, or our offices if space and/or confidentiality is an issue.

Our Team


The Personal Advantage

Northstar gives you the advantage of a wide network of geoscience professionals and specialists built over the course of decades. Additional specialists may be available depending on scope of project.  Take a look at our featured consultants. 

August John.jpg



Wyoming Registration #PG-3222

Petroleum Geologist and Senior Technical Leader with reputation of successful oil and gas exploration and production, from prospect generation and wellsite geology; engineering to managing exploration, operations, acquisitions and divestitures. Extensive experience with unconventional, sandstone and carbonate reservoirs


Led drilling of wells that have produced among best in their class. Discovered and developed several oil and gas fields ranging from 3-well fields (conventional reservoirs) to fields the size of several counties. Managed multi-million- dollar exploration programs and geologic evaluation for a multi-billion- dollar acquisition.


Creative in search for oil and gas. Extremely successful at defining oil and gas deposits to be economically developed and that have subsequently produced at remarkable levels. Expert at evaluation of well and field data to optimize development and production, and working with team of geologists to build strategy for field development, including data gathering and analysis.

Joe Smith.jpg



Mr. Smith has seventeen years of progressively increasing responsibility and experience in both Exploration and Production Assignments. After graduating with a BSc and MSc in Geological Sciences from Ohio University, he began his professional career as a Geologist with Occidental Petroleum in Bakersfield California. Following four years with Oxy he relocated to Dallas and served in Senior Geoscience roles with EnCana Oil and Gas and privately held Merit Energy. Most recently, he was a Senior Geologist with PDC Energy (2008-16) where he was responsible for the companies $300 MM entry into the Utica Shale. He is currently assisting clients in the Permian, Appalachian, and Rocky Mountain Regions as well as developing his own waterflood projects in the Appalachian Basin.

Mr. Smith has experience in the following Basins: Appalachian, Permian, East Texas, Anadarko, San Joaquin, Wind River, and Green River.  He has extensive experience in both conventional and unconventional plays.

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